How to select appropriate ceiling surface mounted downlights for your place?

209 Published by admin Aug 05,2019

With the wide use of LED lighting, LED lights are gradually infiltrating into home lighting. In home decoration, if the lighting is insufficient, it will affect the decorative effect of the room. Then how to select the appropriate LED ceiling surface mounted downlights according to the room area? The following are some advise for you.


selection for living room

Living room lamp plays a key role in the whole room decoration, too complex shape, too complicated color, are not suitable for decoration and design of simple rooms, which will increase the sense of crowding. Lower than 2.8 meters high room is not suitable to install hanging lights, can only install ceiling surface mounted downlights to make the room appear higher.In addition, the living room, as the host's place to receive guests, needs bright lights to make people more happy.

ceiling surface mounted downlights

Generally speaking, the living room of 30-45 square meters can choose 54W LED ceiling surface mounted downlights, the diameter of lamps should be about 1500px, it will appear atmospheric; 20-30 square meters of living room, it needs 36W LED ceiling surface mounted downlights , the diameter of lamps should not be less than 1250 px

  • selection for bedroom


Bedroom is the place where we stay for the longest time besides work. It is also the harbor where we can relieve pressure and inhabit our soul. Therefore, a warm, romantic and refreshing bedroom lamp is particularly important.

In the bedroom of 15-20 square meters, 24W LED ceiling surface mounted downlights should be selected, the diameter of the lamp body is between 40-1250px; in the bedroom of 12-15 square meters, 20W ceiling lamp can be selected, and the diameter of the lamp body can be between 40-1250px; in the small bedroom of less than 12 square meters, the ceiling lamp with 15W LED can be OK, and the diameter can be between 35-1000px. As for the use of white light or warm light, it mainly depends on personal preferences.

ceiling surface mounted downlights

selection for dinning room


Dinning room is generally close to the kitchen, and there is hot food, smoke is relatively large, in order to maintain cleanliness, restaurant lights need to be cleaned regularly, so it is appropriate to choose LED ceiling surface mounted downlights with clean lampshade.


In addition, the light of the dining room lamp should make the food look delicious so as to enhance appetite, so it is more appropriate to choose a 15-20W LED ceiling surface mounted downlights.

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