How to repair the broken Led lights?

333 Published by admin Jan 15,2019

To Figure out how to repair the broken led lights, you must first understand the structure of LED luminaires.

First, it is divided into three major parts, the outer casing: aluminum, ceramic, thermal plastic, etc., power supply: constant voltage constant, constant current, resistance to pressure drop and uncommon special functions.

The constant current power supply is divided into two types: isolated and non-isolated. The isolation is inductive voltage and current, and the voltage is low and safe. Non-isolation is a circuit-controlled direct-connected type. Usually, the output voltage is relatively high. Most foreign countries do not accept it, but the cost is high, and it is used domestically.

Broken led lights

Second, to know how to repair the broken led lights, you need to know the quality of the components: shell: look at the appearance, most of the heat dissipation performance can still be achieved, as long as the manufacturers do not steal work, Poor heat dissipation directly affects the life of the power supply and the lamp bead, which accelerates the decay of the lamp bead and damages the power supply electronics.

Generally, the internal temperature should not exceed 65 degrees. Power supply: This is the most difficult and most difficult to control structural component, including many electronic components and many processes. It also includes the cooperation of the IC scheme and the circuit, and more manufacturers do it to reduce the cost, use the defective components or reduce the power supply performance. Resistor-capacitor buck is also called an integrated power supply, which has low cost and low performance, and cannot be repaired if it is broken. N more domestic low-cost power supplies, Said that the quality of the whole egg, of course, not all manufacturers are like this, what price to do goods, see if you can find the right manufacturers.

If you have the strength, you can consider the CE Rosh and other related certification products required by the export, which can guarantee the quality and performance. Lamp Beads: In the case of this incomprehensible situation, it is the most difficult part to determine the good or bad, it looks almost the same. The core things are sealed inside. I want to tell you that the good and bad unit price can be 5-8 hair, ask the chip brand, Lamp holder material, whether the chip size meets the requirements, whether the W number is sufficient, whether there is a spectrometer, the integrating sphere, etc. have been tested. The color temperature is also the uniformity of the color of the light, and the packaging process is directly related to the light decay.

Third, to know how to repair the broken led lights, the string of the line: the cooperation of the lamp and the power supply, the lamp beads have high power and low power, the high power is mostly LED spotlights and ceiling lights, horizontally inserted street lights.

Of course, now there are bulbs and downlight. Basically, all are within 30W, 3.2-3.4V single voltage is normal, and current 320MA is calculated by 15W ceiling light. The power output is 15 strings of current 300-320MA 15 string voltage is also 48-51V. One reason for the current bias towards low power lamp beads. Besides, the small power lamp beads are mostly fluorescent lamps, soft lamps, hard light bars, bulb lamps, downlight and the like, and are compatible with each other.

Take fluorescent lamps and light bars as an example. The power supply of fluorescent lamps is divided into isolated power supply and non-isolated. Most of the domestic non-isolated to reduce costs, 18W LED day. The light is calculated with 2835 lamp beads 0.2W 96, with 24 strings 4 is not isolated power supply, lamp single voltage 3.2-3.4V current 60MA power output is 74-81V current 230-240MA, one light in each string is not bright 24 is not bright, seriously affecting other bright lights, the light bar is the same, constant pressure all. It is 3 strings, one is not bright and three are not bright.

Fourth, to know how to repair the broken led lights, the common damage is the power supply and individual lamp beads. If you have a weak current base, you can use a multimeter to check the lamp bead. If the power supply is not recommended, this is more difficult. In the absence of an engineer, it is best to replace it directly. The overall light is dark. This is related to the power supply. It may not be a light bead, that is, a light-emitting diode. Reversed by the reverse. Most of the flashing problems are the power supply voltage output and the lamp bead requirements.

Broken led lights

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