What’s the function of the beam angle?

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In practice, different beam angle have their own uses. In the above picture, three different beam angle produce three different effects on the statue.

Beam angle

10°beam angle gives a strong visual impact with its strong contrast of light and dark, and it can catch people's eyes in the first time, but we find that under the strong contrast of light and dark, we can't let us see the details of the plaster statue. And because the beam angle is too small, the statue is not fully illuminated.

24°beam angle is much better than the beam angle of 10°, and it can show the texture of the gypsum and the expression of the statue, and it also has a good visual impact.

The 38°beam angle illuminated statue produces a soft, delicate effect that makes it easier to see the details of the statue. However, because the beam angle is too large, the background and the statue are mixed together, which is difficult to attract people's attention.

This is a comparison of different beam angle at the same power and the same projection position. In practice, we also need to consider the projection distance, direction, ambient brightness and other parameters, and select different lamp cups according to the needs.

If the ambient illumination is high, a beam angle of 10°may be needed because the ambient light can compensate for the unexposed area of the statue, and the 10°beam angle creates a strong contrast between the light and dark on the statue. Good visual impact.

If the installation distance is close, you should choose 38°beam angle. As the distance becomes shorter, the illumination range will also become smaller and the illumination will increase. For the same reason, if the projection distance becomes longer, the beam angle of 10°should be selected.

In short, the scientific and rational choice of light sources and lamps can create an ideal environment and space atmosphere.

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