What we should avoid in Hotel bedroom lighting design?

162 Published by admin Apr 02,2019

In the hotel operation, the Hotel bedroom lighting design area is the most valuable space in the room, and its lighting design is also the most important part of the Hotel bedroom lighting design. There are three areas prone to lighting problems - bedside reading, TV background wall, wall decoration painting.

Hotel bedroom lighting design

Hotel bedroom lighting design

This time, we will talk about the lighting of TV background wall, wall decoration painting in Hotel bedroom lighting design of hotel.

How to arrange the front spotlights of the TV in Hotel bedroom lighting design ?

l bedroom lighting design

TV background walls often have lights, but this is often the case: the spotlights are directly centered in the center of the TV. Obviously, the TV screen will reflect the light and cause obvious glare. The swaying reflection on the TV screen shimmered. Therefore, the TV should not be installed in front of the TV, which will reflect the TV screen.

Two small spotlights should be installed on both sides of the TV for background illumination, or the TV wall for indirect illumination.

How to decorate the painting lighting in Hotel bedroom lighting design ?


Hotel bedroom lighting design

The problem with the lighting of the decorative painting of the room is that the spotlights are too close to the wall, causing the spot to not hit the frame, but instead hit the frame and the wall.

It is not difficult to solve this problem. First light that illuminates the decorative painting should be a small angle spotlight. Secondly, the lamp position should be set at a distance of 25-30cm from the wall, in order to avoid the problem that the lamp is installed too close to the wall and the frame cannot be photographed.

Next time,we will subject to the commercial value of the different spaces in the room, user needs and hotel budget,how should the lighting in the passage and bathroom areas be designed?

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