What’s function of Auxiliary Lights for modern house?

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What's function of Auxiliary Lights for modern house?

In the traditional design, the main lamp must be blessed in the room to highlight the real lighting function and the decorative effect of the core meaning.

However, as people's aesthetic level changes, the demand for home quality and atmosphere is also increasing. Especially in the moment when minimalism prevails, the era of using a fascinating chandelier to attract all attention and light up the entire living room or restaurant has apparently gone quietly! Auxiliary Lights for modern house plays a very important role for the lighting effect.

Coupled with the lack of ordinary commercial housing above the height of the floor, it is necessary to simplify the lighting design to eliminate the visual sense of depression, creating a comfortable space of zero pressure.

So, today we will introduce the home without a main lamp. What kind of lamps should we choose in order to meet the needs of modern people? In fact, after giving up the large chandelier as the main lighting, we have a lot of sophisticated and stylish auxiliary lights to choose from.

However, when selecting, it is best to match the appropriate lighting fixtures according to the different spatial properties and the light environment that you want to create.

Auxiliary Lights for modern house

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01 Guest Room.  auxiliary lights in modern house

As the activity center of the home, the living room used to be decorated with gorgeous crystal chandeliers or square and round ceiling lamps to highlight the style and style of the whole home.

But this practice has long been out! Because modern people who admire "simple and beautiful" have become more inclined to use the combination of downlights, spotlights, floor lamps, track lights and other auxiliary lights to enrich the spatial level of the home and create a more warm and beautiful lighting effect. .

02 Auxiliary lights in modern house Restaurant.

The lighting design of the restaurant is often more sophisticated. Because it pays more attention to the creation of a warm atmosphere, just like the exquisite restaurants outside, you need to spend more time on the lights to create a full appetite.

In general, the lighting of the restaurant is not only about the function of lighting, but also more decorative. Therefore, we can choose downlights, spotlights, staggered small chandeliers, etc. to increase the beauty of the space, rendering a warm, stylish restaurant atmosphere.

03 Auxiliary lights in modern house Restaurant Bedroom.

The bedroom is a private space for rest and sleep, so it should be as soft as possible on the light source, using dispersing downlights, light strips, decorative small chandeliers, or wall lights and small table lamps in front of the bed to meet local lighting needs. It is a very practical choice.

When choosing a luminaire, the shape should be simple and not suitable, and the style should match the room.

Of course, you can also choose different lighting fixtures according to your own lifestyle, such as watching movies before going to bed, playing mobile phones, quiet reading, etc., to make the bedroom more personalized.

Replacing the traditional wall lamp design with this type of hanging chandelier, it will also give people a bright feeling, and the room is decorated with fun and very design.

04 Auxiliary lights in modern house Restaurant Kitchen. 

Kitchen lighting is mainly based on functionality. Most of the lamps are placed above the console, or at the bottom of the cabinet. Centralized lighting is provided by downlights, spotlights, and light strips. The light source is selected for cool light, which is more convenient for normal kitchen operation. .

However, the kitchen lamps should also take into account the attack of the fumes and the necessary moisture-proof and anti-oil functions. Therefore, the appearance of the lamps should be simple and generous, and it is convenient for daily cleaning.

05 Auxiliary lights in modern house Restaurant bathroom. 

In the eyes of many people, the bathroom can be neglected in the decoration. Just install a waterproof incandescent lamp to make the space look bright and comfortable. actually not. Because the bathroom is also very demanding on the lighting requirements, if a dome lamp is set on the chandelier, the light can only be seen from the back of the person. When washing, brushing or even making up, there will be shadows. The mirror can't see clearly, affecting the daily life. use.

Therefore, decentralized downlights and special mirror headlights are all necessary. They can make bright lights in every corner, visually form the coordination of the bathroom, and give the space a sense of expansion.

 Auxiliary Lights for modern house

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