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Published by adminJan 14,2019

What is difference of recessed led lamp and save energy l...

Recessed led lamp is more and more popular. What is difference of of led light and energy saving lamp, Their significant differences in environmental protection, energy-saving, service life and stability. Compared with energy-saving lamps, recessed led lamp is more energy-saving. Recessed led lamp consumes 25% of the energy of energy-saving lamps, because the normal energy saving lamp would turn electric energy to heat energy by consuming energy. But led lamp would not have such problem. The lifespan of it would more longer. Qualified LED bulbs can last 10,000 to 20,000 hours, however, the lifespan of energy saving lamp is 6000 to 10000 hours. Recessed led lamp is more environment friendly. Mercury is one of the essential luminescent materials for energy saving lamps. With the long time using, the sealing of energy saving lamps will be cracked, and mercury will volatilize into the air, it would be harmful to environment. However, recessed led lamp would not have such problem, it is ...

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Published by adminJan 11,2019

What is the disadvantage of the glare vision?

Glare vision is a visual phenomenon that is caused by an unfavorable brightness distribution or an extreme brightness contrast, which causes an uncomfortable feeling or a weak vision to observe a detail or a target, is collectively referred to the glare vision. If the human’s eyes are exposed to the glare vision, it will be irritating and tense. Working under such conditions for a long time will cause boredom, irritability and fatigue, which will have a so bad impact on people's production and life. It can be divided into Uncomfortable and disability according to the degree of influence on vision. (1) Uncomfortable The visual only has an uncomfortable feeling, which can cause distracting effects, but it does not necessarily reduce the visibility in the short-term. It is  uncomfortable  (2) Disability Since the position of the light source is close to the line of sight, the edge of the retinal image is blurred, which hinders the observation of nearby objects, reduces the visibility...

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Published by adminJan 10,2019

How to extend the lifespan of LED lights?

A good LED lamp has a long lifespan, which is also an important reason why it can be distinguished from similar products and is popular among consumers. However, if you don't pay much attention to it during use, this advantage will be greatly reduced. Below you will introduce the five tips for extending the lifespan of LED lights. Choose a good packaging process First of all, the choice of the quality of LED lights is a very important factor. Because different packaging processes have a considerable impact on the quality of the product, the LED lamp packaged with a common primer will reduce the light decay by 76% in the same aging environment as the LED lamp packaged with low-resistance glue. Therefore, choosing an LED lamp made with a good packaging process will greatly extend the lifespan of LED lights. Light group When the LED lamp bead is working, the single lamp bead will be heated less, and the temperature of the bracket will not exceed 45 degrees. At this time, the lifesp...

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Published by adminJan 09,2019

How to do interior lighting design ?

In the residential interior lighting design, the use of lighting to change the sense of distance between space and objects, according to the owner's pursuit of home style and the taste of life to decide. So, what kind of feelings can the residential interior lighting design show and where can it be used? ※Sense of temperature The sense of temperature in color is a reaction to people's long-term habits. Lights of different color temperatures will create different home expressions and adjust the atmosphere of the room. For example, the warm color is generally used to reproduce the food color and cause appetite; the bedroom light color should adopt neutral and relaxing color. ※ Sense of weight             The sense of weight is the difference in lightness and weight of various colors.   The sense of weight we get from color is a composite feeling with texture. It depends mainly on the brightness. Bright light and dark shadows will make people's psychology feel light and heavy, li...

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