Alpha lighting project case-Shanghai Huashan Apartment

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Alpha lighting project-Shanghai Huashan Apartment

"Ten Miles Old Ocean Farm, One Hundred Years New Concession". Located in Jing'an District, Shanghai, it was once the residence of diplomats and high-end businessmen. As a result, it has become the most advanced residence in the French Concession. Today, it still occupies the top of the luxury residence in an extraordinary manner.

    ALPHA LIGHTING provides quality architectural lighting solutions for Shanghai Huashan Apartment. ALPHA LIGHTING combines the customer's engineering to select the most suitable and cost-effective professional LED downlight for customers. For example, we will consider the customer's architectural style, architectural lighting, visual and Other aspects to provide customers with the best. In this project, ALPHA LIGHTING has also been recognized by customers!
Next, please watch ALPHA LIGHTING's professional LED downlight project for Shanghai Huashan Apartment.


  ALPHA LIGHTING's professional LED downlight project case -Shanghai Huashan Apartment

    Alpha lighting project for Shanghai Huashan Apartment

Alpha lighting project

Alpha lighting project


Alpha lighting project


Alpha lighting project




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