How to Arrange The CCT on Decorating The Lighting Environment in Luxury Hotel Lobby?

253 Published by admin Dec 12,2018

The Lighting environment in luxury hotel lobby is quite important to the customer experience.It covers the most part of the indoor area for a hotel,as well as the crowed people here to communicate. It can simply divide into several parts: entrance, reception centre, rest area and so on.

The Lighting environment in luxury hotel lobby

The Lighting Environment in the Entrance

Entrance to a lobby, the main idea is achieving the functional lighting environment. Considering to well connect with the outdoor environment, the outdoor bakery should use 4000K lighting equipment,thus, it looks little different between outdoor and indoor. To make people feel more comfortable when first step into the entrance, besides, a higher CCT is more impressive and rich the visible feeling.

After the entrance, the CCT should be lower around 2700K, to makes the indoor lighting environment in luxury hotel lobby more harmonious,people also feel safety in such environment.

The Lighting Environment in Reception Centre

The CCT to reception centre should be the same as entrance,not only can correspond to the lighting environment of entrance, it also can leave a better impression to customers.At the moment,considering the reception centre is connect with the accounting centre, to fulfill its functional requirement, high brightness is a better choice to highlight its importance.

The Lighting Environment in Rest Area

Lighting designer usually put many interesting idea to this part,in order to make it looks not so stiff. And the lighting design should not be limited to the whole space,but also consider the lighting equipment in this area,to make it comfortable. The CCT should be darker such as 2700K should be fine, people rest here and enjoy the music,which is more relax and free.

Above all, the lobby is the most important part of a hotel, because when people come into a hotel they will first experience the lobby environment. Therefore, the lighting environment in luxury hotel lobby plays a big role.To adopt some technical ways in lighting design could be better to show the indoor lighting strength,it would be useful in improving the competitiveness for a hotel.

As Alpha Lighting always passion in providing a best lighting solution in commercial and residential projects, hope to create a comfortable lighting environment in the world!

The Lighting environment in luxury hotel lobby

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