How to design the shopping mall lighting?

176 Published by admin Mar 20,2019

Shopping mall lighting is considered one of the most mature and rapid areas of LED applications. The shopping mall is not only a place to buy goods, but also to create an environment suitable for leisure. The shopping mall lighting effect is indeed indispensable, and the LED lighting has a strong advantage in expressiveness. However, LED can be more important in the lighting market of the market. It needs to be based on the specific lighting environment and the humanized needs of consumers, and refine the various performance parameters and lighting effects of each product.

Shopping mall lighting

Shopping mall lighting design is the behavior of customers to purchase goods, in the process of browsing and selection, according to the customer's visual requirements and the characteristics of various products, the space in which each product is located, scientific design, in order to make customers feel comfortable Visual effects.

The purpose of shopping mall lighting is to attract consumers' interest through “commodity visualization” by providing appropriate lighting and illumination, color temperature, color rendering and brightness changes for different goods and regions, and to communicate with customers through silent language. Shopping mall lighting is good for convey product information, service concept and brand culture to customers, in order to promote the sales of goods, reduce inventory, and establish a brand image and attract the more attention for the goods.Shopping mall lighting

Dark yellow and other dark fruits and vegetables use about 3300K warm light in shopping mall lighting, lightly green vegetables such as 4500K-5500K cool white light, color rendering should be above 80; Fresh, high-quality fish and marine areas should be treated with cool lighting that is different from other commodity areas in shopping mall lighting. The cool white lighting effect makes consumers think of the clear waters and makes the seafood look more fresh from the sea.


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