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Published by adminJan 10,2019

How to extend the lifespan of LED lights?

A good LED lamp has a long lifespan, which is also an important reason why it can be distinguished from similar products and is popular among consumers. However, if you don't pay much attention to it during use, this advantage will be greatly reduced. Below you will introduce the five tips for extending the lifespan of LED lights. Choose a good packaging process First of all, the choice of the quality of LED lights is a very important factor. Because different packaging processes have a considerable impact on the quality of the product, the LED lamp packaged with a common primer will reduce the light decay by 76% in the same aging environment as the LED lamp packaged with low-resistance glue. Therefore, choosing an LED lamp made with a good packaging process will greatly extend the lifespan of LED lights. Light group When the LED lamp bead is working, the single lamp bead will be heated less, and the temperature of the bracket will not exceed 45 degrees. At this time, the lifesp...

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