The differences Between Downlight Color Temperature

220 Published by admin Jul 27,2019

White light

Almost every LED illumination device uses white LEDs as the basis for the entire lamp panel. The main reason is because white light covers almost all visible spectra. Different Downlight color temperature  provide different effects, and Downlight color temperature determines the color of corals.

 Downlight color temperatures

Cool white light (6000k or more)

Although cool white light is one of the longest used light sources in the industry, it is not necessarily the best choice because cold white light provides insufficient Downlight  color temperatures . Usually there is a lot of red in the spectral output of cool white light, which is why red, orange and pink seem to be lifeless. The higher the Downlight  color temperature (CCT), the worse the effect, and the lighter the colder the more monotonous.

It does have an advantage over warm white light in efficiency and output. In summary, a cool white light source is not preferred, although most mass-produced devices use a cool white light source.

Downlight color temperatures

Standard white light (4000k-5500k)

The standard Downlight color temperature is the white light in the mouth of the general public. The white light improves the red output and reduces the blue color, which really helps color development, and the CRI (color rendering index) is usually higher. Compared to the standard 6500K cool white light (60CRI), the actually cheaper medium white light device has a CRI of 70 or higher.

Its relative output is lower compared to the cool white LED in the same series. But this is not a big problem, because blue LEDs usually make up for these shortcomings in actual performance, and higher CRI can also make up for the loss of output.


Warm white light (2700k-3500k)

Although they are not usually used as a base white light, they work well with high Downlight color temperatures white light. Warm white light has very few blue outputs, which contain a lot of red and high CRI values, some of which can reach 98 CRI. These are all good ways to add warm tones to the light source. 

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