How to choose a perfect downlight ?

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For the a perfect downlight, what parameters can be measured to "protect the eye"? According to the newly revised "Reading and Operating a perfect downlight Performance Requirements" standard in 2018,a perfect downlight must comply with relevant indicators in terms of illumination, illumination uniformity, color temperature, stroboscopic and so on. Therefore, if you want to choose a a perfect downlight, you must do your homework in advance to understand the meaning of stroboscopic, illuminance, color temperature and other professional terms, so that you can buy it!

a perfect downlight

A big selling point for many desk lamps is that there is no stroboscopic. Since there is no strobe, you have to understand what strobe is. Most LED downlights have stroboscopic phenomenon, because the daily electricity is 220V 50Hz AC, and the LED downlight itself reacts to the current. The higher the current, the brighter the light, the smaller the current, the less bright the light, so Caused a strobe. The 50Hz AC mentioned above refers to 50 times of sinusoidal waveform conversion in one second. Most perfect downlight use 50Hz AC to work. At this time, 100 times of light and dark flashing images are generated every second. It is then changed from dark to dark (the change perceived by the human eye is within 30 Hz, 100 changes per second).

For these changes, the brain can't tell, but it can detect these changes in the eye muscles such as pupil contraction. If the strobo is too large, the muscles will be in a state of intense work for a long time, causing visual fatigue and impairing vision.

Therefore, many eye protection lamps on the market actually adjust the operating current by increasing the capacitance and improving the electrical circuit to reduce or eliminate the stroboscopic light.

Dazzle refers to visual conditions in the field of view due to unsuitable brightness distribution, or extreme brightness contrast in space or time, resulting in visual discomfort and reduced object visibility. Glare is one of the important causes of visual fatigue. Glare can be divided into direct glare, reflected glare and contrast glare. In general, glare glare in 30 seconds to 60 seconds, which is a significant hazard to the health of eye vision. Reflective glare, which is commonly known as reflection, can blur the image, cause eye fatigue, difficulty reading, and even cause eye pain and headache.

According to statistics, among the children's shoes with high pressure, 55.9% of the respondents often have sore eyes and blinking eyes when using a perfect downlight. The discomfort felt by children's shoes during reading is caused by glare problems.

a perfect downlight

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